The Amazing Alex Roulette!

I don't know how this guy has time to do anything. His paintings look like they take years, but he just keeps crankin em out! He's really the only artist that I'm interested in these days and I'm still so amazed and honored that he let us use one of his paintings for our album cover. Check him out on the cover of New American Paintings anywhere fine publications are sold. Good job Alex, you deserve it! America Lives!

i took a bus out to the coutry tonight...

i haven't really left the city for a couple months (the pop mayhem florida trip was all too brief) and i'm not really a city guy. the ride out here was so nice, listened to blue boy most of the way. the joy of living is one of the best songs ever written. it's so crazy. i don't know how i even lived the first half of my life without it. so hopfully i'll write some new songs while i'm out here, and at the very least reconect with nautre.

POP Mayhem

We just got back from hot and muggy Florida where we played the POP Mayhem festival. We had a great time and just wanted to thank everyone who came out to see us!

Just to clarify..

There are a few websites/blogs that think they are giving away the Horse Shoes Imperial School EP. What they are actually giving away are mp3s ripped off of our myspace page. We don't mind, actually we like the attention. But just to clarify, this is not our EP, they are just unfinished demos. The actual release will have three never before released songs as well as the fully relized versions of the old classics. And it won't be long now!

International Radio

Listen to our radio interview on P3 Pop!

We're big in Romania

Here is a page from SOUNDS MAGAZINE. The biggest Music publication in Romania. Thanks to Vlad for writing about us!