Horse Shoes 'I Can't Decide'

Finally, something NEW from Horse Shoes right? A live session we ( Horse Shoes ) did for the production company Blindeye Films can be seen here on their newly launched Brixton Sessions website. Enjoy!

Well, NYC Popfest is over... I can now relax a little. This years festival was quite a good time (Thanks to Maz and Matt of course). Got to see some familiar faces, new faces and other faces as well, was sad to see it end, but all good things must come to an end right? And of course there is next year to build up anticipation for.

But anyways...I/We can now get started on continuing some new songs(HS), remixes, ideas, and Wishful Thinking. Busy busy.

I will be DJ'ing in the front room at the Bell House for NYC Popfest this Saturday (May 22nd) from 7:00pm - 9:00pm. Come over to say hello and dance!

Any requests??

Hello? Is anybody out there?

NYC Popfest

For those who don't know, and also to remind those who do, you need to come out to NYC Popfest. May 23rd will showcase the Embassy at Littlefield in Brooklyn NY and I'll be joining them on stage playing bass! There are a bunch of great bands playing this year as well as some awesome DJ's including Twee Grrrls Club, Roque Ruiz (Cloudberry Records) and Lil' Tweezy.


This blog is still quite desolate...I figure now that we're back in full swing and working on our first ever full-length, more needs to be happening on here! Jacob is back on tour with the Drums and I'm finally getting situated in my new apartment here in New York. Luckily I have a decent handful of new material to work with and improve a little until Jacob gets back. We are very excited with the direction it's going! More soon!

Love... /d