Teach Me To Ski

I've been busy working on a remix for Champagne Riot the past few days as well as feeling the excitement that is now Christmas! So what better than a mesh of the two into one beautiful pop song?

Think of this as a little appetizer before the remix is released!

Champagne Riot - December Slopes (mp3)

It's That Time

Did anyone watch the Peanuts Thanksgiving Day special? I sure did! Thanksgiving is over and though we're still in November, it's legal now to start playing Christmas songs. But I won't lie to you, I've been enjoying Christmas music for the past whole week. The title of the song today says it all...

Charlie Brown - Christmas Is Coming (Alternate Take 1) (mp3)
Composed by the Vince Guaraldi Trio

No Need To Argue, It's Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! I s'pose this one is dedicated to the family, the Holiday family and to my friends, who also are like family. An ode to you all. (I'm probably going to get a warning from the RIAA for this one. Oh well, it's Thanksgiving right? They should be thankful I'm sharing a lovely song with you!)

The Cranberries - Ode To My Family (mp3)

I Won't Forget You

This is a bit of a mystery band from France in the 80's who only released one 7" single. I've shared the A-side with many people, so today, I thought I would offer the wonderful B-side.

Coldreams - Eyes (mp3)
From Eyes

For Johnny Danger

This is classic Swedish pop at its finest. A lost band from the 90's, consisting of Per Sunding (vocals, bass), Patrik Bartosch (guitar) and Maurits Carlsson (drums). They only released three full-length albums, never breaking out of Sweden for various reasons of their own. The Cardigans were also said to gain a lot of inspiration from these boys as well.

Eggstone - Beach Boy (mp3)
From In San Diego (1992)

For Those Sleepless Nights

Theremin music to warm the soul for the approaching winter...

Pamelia Kurstin - London (mp3)
From Thinking Out Loud

Light A Candle (And Fall Asleep)

So, I ran into someone the other day at a show. his name is Sean Earl and he has this band called "Plastic Flowers." I found out he lives in Florida and as I was talking to him about music he said he toured with this band "Anna Ranger" back in the day. Anna Ranger had a release on Plastiq Musiq (I will post on them soon enough) and I was at one of the shows while he was on that tour. Imagine that?? He obviously knew Jacob as well and recently visited with him at one of the Drums shows in Florida. This is all strange because I was just looking up Anna Ranger for whatever reason this past week, especially since I've been revisiting the Plastiq Musiq catalog. I guess our paths were destined to cross ya know? All this revisiting recently was just building up to it.

He released a free EP on the Beko digital singles club (Arctic Flow, Moscow Olympics)

Plastic Flowers / She Learned The Best Way (mp3)
Plastic Flowers / Self-Titled (Beko 63)

You're My Only Friend

This is an EP I can't get enough of lately, especially the title track, which I'm sharing with you on this post. Lots of layered melodies, Radio Dept.-esque vocals. Nothing but warmth and sincerity here!

Saharan Gazelle Boy - Strange Teen Heart (mp3)
From Strange Teen Heart
Buy it here for a measly $5.

Whatever Possessed You?

I've been obsessed with this song lately (and the footage used to make this video is so perfect) I had to go pick up the album. Though it's more a compilation of the few singles released and b-sides that Care recorded before Wild Swans reformed. Care was Paul Simpson and Ian Broudie, a duo formed after the Wild Swans split in 1982.

Care - My Boyish Days
From Diamonds And Emeralds

Take This Emotion

Now this is a lost relic! It must have been a demo Jason decided to donate to his brother Ronnie's first Plastiq Musiq release. It's very sparse and minimal, one of my favorite recipes. You also gotta love that lingering synth lead...

Starflyer 59 - We Got A Word For (mp3)
From Electric Music Compilation (PM001)

Dance House Party

This band is out of control, the kind of music you need to turn up as loud as possible and dance like a crazy person too. Strong melodies, ghostly vocals and an out of control drum machine.

Dance House Children - There Will Never Be (mp3)
From Songs and Stories
Blonde Vinyl Records

It's All For The Best

Sigh...I come across a lot bands that I knew but didn't know, ya know? This one happens to be called "Miracle Legion." A lot of you may know them as "Polaris," who wrote all of the music for the classic Nickelodeon show "Pete & Pete." I was never a fan of REM, at all really. But I tend to like a couple bands (East River Pipe being another) that remind me of them, though I don't think it's that they remind me, it's that these bands were doing it better. Does that make sense?

Mark Mulcahy (Voice/Guitar), Mr. Ray Neal (Lead Guitar), Dave McCaffrey (Bass) and Scott Boutier (Drums)

Miracle Legion - Truly (mp3)
From "Surprise, Surprise, Surprise"
Check out some other great tracks on their MySpace

You Are My Sunshine (Goodnight)

Revisiting the past can be fun and quite scary. I was digging through some of my old CD's last night and came across this gem of an album. This has deep roots for both Jacob and I, you'll understand someday, or perhaps just by listening. Ok, I've said too much already...

Goodnight Star is Jesse Carrigan and George Kazaklis. They released their debut LP on Ronnie Martin's label Plastiq Musiq.

Goodnight Star - Goodnight Star (mp3)
From Goodnight Star (Self-titled) PM005
Plastiq Musiq

(Love is) Unisex

Maybe I'm advancing through my secrets too quickly, but I want to keep things interesting. Blueboy is one of my favorite bands, I've come across a lot of rare unicorns recently. This one harnesses a glimpse back to 1995 at the Sarah Records 100 party, it's also one of my favorite songs off of one of my favorite albums "Unisex."

Blueboy - Imipramine (mp3)
Live at the Sarah 100 party

Found and Not Forgotten

Talk about an influential song to both Jacob and I! We've often lost sleep over the thought of how Bobby comes up with such incredible vocal melodies... So, I've decided to share something very special with you. This particular version of "Between Hello And Goodbye" was recorded live for a French radio session the Field Mice did while promoting their album "For Keeps." Enjoy!

Between Hello And Goodbye (mp3)
French Lenoir Sessions

Embassy Classics

Indulge yourself.


Some News

Sorry, I had to dust this old blog off a bit before I could even post! This needs to be maintained a lot more. We're busy I suppose, which is good! But that's no excuse to keep our friends wondering.

I wanted to share some info about the Soda Shop 7" single being released on Shelflife. The pre-orders have gone up! Once you place your order, you are given the mp3's to hold you over until the vinyl gets officially released! You can order from HERE! Thanks everyone for your support! There is a lot to come these next few months!

Also, head on over to Holiday Records and see the new site. Two Wounded Birds debut CD/EP will be released Dec. 13th!! How awesome is that?? Just in time for my birthday! There is also a Young Friends CD, Holiday Records sampler CD, Jes Maybe vinyl and the first issuing of a classic North Of Cornwallis vinyl album set to be released!! Everything is falling into place.

Oh, what about Horse Shoes you ask? I guess that's understandable considering this IS the Horse Shoes web site. Let's just say, within the new year, things will progress, secrets will be revealed. They say "Absence makes the heart grow fonder." We're hoping that's true in our case.