It's All For The Best

Sigh...I come across a lot bands that I knew but didn't know, ya know? This one happens to be called "Miracle Legion." A lot of you may know them as "Polaris," who wrote all of the music for the classic Nickelodeon show "Pete & Pete." I was never a fan of REM, at all really. But I tend to like a couple bands (East River Pipe being another) that remind me of them, though I don't think it's that they remind me, it's that these bands were doing it better. Does that make sense?

Mark Mulcahy (Voice/Guitar), Mr. Ray Neal (Lead Guitar), Dave McCaffrey (Bass) and Scott Boutier (Drums)

Miracle Legion - Truly (mp3)
From "Surprise, Surprise, Surprise"
Check out some other great tracks on their MySpace

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