Light A Candle (And Fall Asleep)

So, I ran into someone the other day at a show. his name is Sean Earl and he has this band called "Plastic Flowers." I found out he lives in Florida and as I was talking to him about music he said he toured with this band "Anna Ranger" back in the day. Anna Ranger had a release on Plastiq Musiq (I will post on them soon enough) and I was at one of the shows while he was on that tour. Imagine that?? He obviously knew Jacob as well and recently visited with him at one of the Drums shows in Florida. This is all strange because I was just looking up Anna Ranger for whatever reason this past week, especially since I've been revisiting the Plastiq Musiq catalog. I guess our paths were destined to cross ya know? All this revisiting recently was just building up to it.

He released a free EP on the Beko digital singles club (Arctic Flow, Moscow Olympics)

Plastic Flowers / She Learned The Best Way (mp3)
Plastic Flowers / Self-Titled (Beko 63)

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