Some News

Sorry, I had to dust this old blog off a bit before I could even post! This needs to be maintained a lot more. We're busy I suppose, which is good! But that's no excuse to keep our friends wondering.

I wanted to share some info about the Soda Shop 7" single being released on Shelflife. The pre-orders have gone up! Once you place your order, you are given the mp3's to hold you over until the vinyl gets officially released! You can order from HERE! Thanks everyone for your support! There is a lot to come these next few months!

Also, head on over to Holiday Records and see the new site. Two Wounded Birds debut CD/EP will be released Dec. 13th!! How awesome is that?? Just in time for my birthday! There is also a Young Friends CD, Holiday Records sampler CD, Jes Maybe vinyl and the first issuing of a classic North Of Cornwallis vinyl album set to be released!! Everything is falling into place.

Oh, what about Horse Shoes you ask? I guess that's understandable considering this IS the Horse Shoes web site. Let's just say, within the new year, things will progress, secrets will be revealed. They say "Absence makes the heart grow fonder." We're hoping that's true in our case.


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