Feel The Magic...


Joy Electric - Singing In Gee (mp3)

Her Majesties Merriment

Plastiq Musiq is a great companion to the Holiday's. I don't know what I would do without them...This is about as rare as that Mothership LP. Enjoy!

Britannika - Tinsel For The Tree (mp3)

Birthday Surprises

This is one of those things you never expect to happen, especially when they're delivered in person.

Don't Hate Me


Mothership is a synth-pop project of Randy Rose, who was also a member of the band "Mad At The World" from 1987 - 1998. He released one album titled "L.P." on Plastiq Musiq in 1997. This was a nice birthday surprise to me, so now I would like to share some with all of you!

- The Ghost of Christmas Past (mp3)
- Don't Hate Me (mp3)

I Know That It's Cold, But It's Warm In Here

I awoke to find a surprise in my inbox this morning! A short little Christmas gift from Labrador Records.

Pallers - Arctic Hymn (mp3)

Been Dreamin'

So the first official Holiday Records release is now available through the website! You should go buy yourself a copy, it's nice, I promise!

(I mean, just look at those lovely faces!)

Purchase here!

A Little Cherub Rock

Now this is an odd one, almost funny, but endearing nonetheless.

Smashing Pumpkins - Christmastime (mp3)

A Light In The Darkness

Sometimes words aren't needed.

The Durutti Column - One Christmas For Your Thoughts (mp3)
From LC

I Swear I'll Be There

Aztec Camera - Walk Out To Winter (mp3)

The title says it all...

Here In The Glow Of The Moonlight

A hero of mine and guitar legend who can also conduct and write orchestrations, I hope to be as cool as this some day.

Brian Setzer Orchestra - The Nutcracker Suite (mp3)
From Boogie Woogie Christmas

Some Winters Are Harder Than Others

This must be Snow week, maybe because I've been anticipating the first real snowfall here in Brooklyn, so many fantastic pop songs and feelings around such a simple act of nature.

The Innocence Mission - Snow (mp3)
From Birds Of My Neighborhood

We'll Make It Through the Winter Together

A thanks to my friend Kevin for showing me this, I had no idea this album existed. Apparently it's because it was a very limited release.

St. Etienne - Snow (mp3)
From A Glimpse Of Stocking

Rain-Soaked Kisses

A true story, I think.

Trembling Blue Stars - Christmas and Train Trips and Things (mp3)
From A Certain Evening Light

Hear The Angelic Voices

Now I don't like children choirs, they freak me out. But I think these voices sound a bit more in that awkward state of late teen to early 20's? Still, a little reverb goes a long way. This is quite ghostly and a must have for your Christmas playlist.

John Williams - O Holy Night (mp3)
From Home Alone

You Give Me The Chills

A thank you to Vlad who showed me this track the other day, it's been on repeat for some time now in my room.

The Chills - Pink Frost (mp3)
From Kaleidoscope World 1986

On The Seaside

Hold the phone...Just when I was going to write off 2010 as the worst year in music, a friend Eric, delivered hope. This band comes to us all the way from Russia. From first listen, I was in love. Think Factory Records, Interpol. Good yea?

Motorama - Northern Seaside (mp3)
From Alps [Free Download here!]